Welcome to "New Technologies for Handicraft" e-learning platform dedicated to crafts! 

Here you can find our courses dedicated to the artisan history and processing techniques used in Italy, Poland, Portugal and Sweden to promote a cultural and technical-professional exchange and to allow you to learn heterogeneous working methods related to the same art. 

The courses and contents proposed can be used to supplement already existing and recognized training courses in crafts, both as a start-up to the various craft techniques, and as enrichment in the topics of marketing and online sales. For this purpose, it will be necessary to have a PC with an Internet connection and an active e-mail address. 

Our courses are theoretical, to which you will then have to combine practical training in a craftsman's workshop, which will allow you to practice, in the field, the skills you have acquired through e-learning.
Included in the theoretical material are images, photos and video demonstrations that were shot directly at the various work studios involved. You can read the contents of the courses in the language of your choice, but the quizzes will all be in English, as well as the subtitles and the language used in the videos. 

You will be faced with two categories: Handicraft and Business. Within the Handicraft category you can choose between the Textile and Pottery courses. Textile is divided into Weaving, Knitting and Embroidery modules. While Pottery has only one module with the same title.
Within the Business category is the Entrepreneurship course which is divided into the following modules: Work safety, Sales and Online Marketing and Business plan.

The enrollment in the courses is individual, allowing you to access the contents of your choice, which are aligned with your training. 

The entrepreneurship course is highly recommended in order to obtain skills in this area, as well as in New Technologies (3D printing, Online Sales, Marketing).
At the end of each module you will find a quiz, consisting of about 10 multiple choice questions with 4 choices, with the exception of the Work Safety quiz which is made up of 20 multiple choice questions.
You will pass the quiz if the score obtained is equal to or higher than 80% of the maximum score.
After passing all the assessment quizzes, you will receive a personalized certificate; downloadable from the platform for each course you finish. 

Good Luck and have fun!